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Art Deco Collection

Why Buy Pewter Hardware?

We know what you are thinking.  Why should I pay more for pewter hardware?  Well there are quite a few reasons why pewter hardware is your better choice.  First Premier's pewter cabinet hardware is not mass produced.  You will not be walking by a hardware display in your local hardware store and see our hardware in bins in little plastic bags marked "Made in China".  Most of our designs are truly exclusive to our company and not found anywhere else. 

Second, when we say our hardware are miniature works of art, we are telling the truth.  Our pewter items were first scuplted by hand by custom jewelry designers or sculptors.  These pieces were then used to make the molds from which your items are produced.  Our casting is now done by an art foundry in California.  This foundry is used by artists from all over the US to make museum quality castings.  We also use the highest quality pewter available.  You will not find lead or other junk metal in our pewter.  This assures a high quality casting and a better finish.  After they are cast, each piece is inspected, then finished by hand and inspected again before being shipped to your door. 

Since every pewter cabinet hardware item or wall tile is done by hand, each piece is going to be a little unique.  This hand made quality means that every order is going to be a little different than the one before so you can be assured that your order is definitely one of a kind.  Nothing mass produced in a factory overseas and shipped here by the boatload.   

Since our hardware is finished by hand, we can also offer a number of different finishes.  We don't limit you to just to 2 or 3 finishes that we stock, we have just about every designer finish you can think of:  antique copper, antique brass, antique bronze, oil rubbed bronze, natural pewter, shiny pewter, satin nickel, polished nickel, and black.  Need a finish that is not listed, give us a call and we will work with our factory to see if we can provide you with the finish you are looking for.  

So if you are looking for something that will make your kitchen cabinets stand out from all the others,  add a truly hand made touch to your kitchen, support American workers and factories, and show everyone your great taste then pewter cabinet hardware from Premier is for you.




Because each knob, pull, appliance pull and wall tile is done by hand, please allow for some variation in size and finish!!