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Feeling Overwhelmed With Your Cabinet Hardware Choice?

Posted by David Willison on

Are you in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project and feeling overwhelmed?

Yes, a remodeling project can make you feel like there is a tidal wave of choices you have to make. What kind of flooring do you want? Should we move this wall? What kind of counter top do you like? Who makes the best cabinets? What cabinet style do you like? Which cabinet door should we go with? Can we afford all of this? Why is my spouse suddenly rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner? Is that actual drool coming out of their mouth?  By the time you get to the cabinet hardware selection, you are ready to just close your eyes, throw a dart at a display board and choose whatever the hand of fate picked out for you.

Actually your choice of cabinet hardware should be fairly easy. First, look at your kitchen design. If you have a contemporary kitchen with stainless steel appliances, you should stay with that same color choice and head toward the more sleek designs with a stainless steel finish like our stainless steel pulls. If your cabinets are more traditional, think about adding some cabinet hardware with some more detail like our Acanthus Collection. Second, are you going to be able to see your hinges? If so, make sure your cabinet hardware finish matches the finish on your hinges. Third, mix it up a little. Have a nice looking cup pull on the lower drawers while you have a matching knob on the upper cabinets. And don't forget the matching appliance handle for your appliances. The last but not least, let your personality show. If you're a wine lover, think about our Napa Valley Collection. Love to garden? Take a look at our Garden Collection.

Relax, you'll get through it all. Just remember to pick up your spouse in the corner before you forget all about them.